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Industrial Air Compressor Applications

Air compressors fulfill a wide range of roles in homes and businesses around the world. From small, portable units that deliver reliable compressed air on the go to large-scale commercial installations that power complex industrial processes, available models range considerably in size and configuration.

In this article, we’ll cover the main applications of air compressors of various sizes and provide some useful tips for anyone considering purchasing one. Keep reading to learn more, or browse the Kaishan Compressor website to find details about our complete inventory of products.

Consumer-Grade Air Compressors

For a long time, air-powered tools were used almost exclusively by professionals. However, in recent years, several manufacturers have released affordable, durable consumer-level products, creating a market for smaller air compressors among DIY enthusiasts.

Home air compressors are lightweight and portable for convenient garage storage when not in use. They typically feature a motor with a capacity below 7.5 horsepower and are capable of outputting compressed air at between 90 and 175 psig.

Other potential applications for home air compressors include blowing up tires and sporting equipment, airbrush painting and general cleaning and maintenance. As with a lot of consumer-grade items, you get what you pay for when it comes to home air compressors — spending more on a quality model by a reputable manufacturer will ensure you get a model that will deliver reliable performance for years to come.

Commerical Air Compressors

Small- and medium-sized businesses are one of the largest air compressor markets. Uses of light industrial air compressors include powering tools in auto repair shops and manufacturing facilities. Construction and roofing crews often rely on trailer-mounted units for greater portability. Other commercial applications include locations like microbreweries — which use them for bottling — and ski hills, where they power snow machines.

Commercial grade air compressors are a step up from consumer products in build quality and overall durability. They also generally have a higher capacity (CFM) rating, which means they can power more tools at once — an essential quality in a busy auto body shop or manufacturing facility.

Industrial Air Compressors

Heavy-duty industrial air compressors are capable of operating at higher pressure levels than commercial units. Consequently, they rely on higher horsepower motors and heavier-duty components. Typical industrial air compressor uses include spraying crops and ventilating silos in agricultural facilities, running pneumatic machinery in manufacturing plants, operating laundry presses in dry cleaners and various processes in food and beverage manufacturing, oil and gas operations and more.

In these and other applications, an industrial air compressor is a substantial investment. A properly sized unit will deliver better performance with lower maintenance requirements and less chance of unexpected downtime that can eat into profitability.

Kaishan Compressor Air Compressors

At Kaishan Compressor, we understand that because of the many potential applications for an industrial air compressor, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We manufacture a full lineup of stationary and portable air compressors as well as accessories such as filters, dryers, vacuum pumps and more. Explore our products online or contact a representative for help choosing a machine that’s appropriate for your application.

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