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What Kind Of Air Compressor Do I Need?

Choosing the right air compressor can seem challenging, given the broad range of compressor types, sizes, functions and systems available. With variations in factors ranging from air flow, capacity, housing, mounting and cost, numerous decisions must be made in selecting the right air compressor for you. Weighing these options can play a major role in your overall lifetime air costs, maintenance needs, air storage requirements, energy usage and more.

In this article, we will discuss types of air compressor applications and uses, and describe how to pick the right air compressor.

What Type of Air Compressor Do I Need?

Everyone’s needs are different, but here are some good questions to help narrow your choices:

  • How much air does my facility need, on average, each day? (To gauge this, add up the air requirement specifications for every air tool in your facility.)
  • Do my air needs experience peaks and valleys, or are they relatively steady?
  • How much space do I have for a compressor system and air storage?
  • How much pressure does my compressor system need to produce? (This should be at least as high as the maximum pressure required for any tool in your facility.)
  • Will my compressor be indoors or outdoors?
  • Does my air need to be dried? (If so, an air dryer will be required for your system.)
  • Does my air need to be oil-free? (If so, choose a centrifugal or oil-free rotary screw)
  • What are my efficiency requirements? (For highest efficiency, choose a two-stage compressor.)
  • What is my budget?
In addition, your industry and application will play a role in selecting a compressor type. Typical uses include:

  • Heavy-duty industrial applications: In applications where high volumes of air are constantly required, a rotary screw compressor is the compressor type of choice. These compressors are able to provide air more efficiently and powerfully than centrifugal or reciprocating compressors. High HP direct drive compressors are usually chosen for these applications.
  • Automotive applications: For applications where constant air flow is required but lower HP is suitable, belt-driven rotary screw compressors can efficiently supply the air needed while keeping costs low.
  • Mining operations: A tank-mounted air compressor can keep the system footprint smaller, integrating storage and air generation into one area. Ideally suited for industries such as mining and manufacturing, where space is at a premium, tank-mounted compressors provide quality and reliability along with maximum convenience.
  • Electronics: In electronics manufacturing, oil-free air is critical to the integrity of the components and products being manufactured or cleaned. Choose an oil-free rotary screw compressor to provide air cleanly, quietly and efficiently for electronics applications.
  • General-purpose air: For industries and applications where an average amount of air is required, such as dry cleaning, petrochemical or glass manufacturing, a single-stage direct drive compressor is the ideal choice for efficient delivery of high-quality air at a constant rate.
Choose Kaishan Compressor

At Kaishan, we offer a range of rotary screw air compressors that are ideal for the applications in the above descriptions. With a premium on safety and reliability, we strive to ensure the delivery of compressed air to your operations occurs as efficiently as you would expect.

We specialize in meeting even the most extreme-duty air needs while keeping within your budget. Our extensive selection enables us to tailor just the right solution and system for you.

For more information, contact us today.

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