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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Kaishan Compressor industrial vacuum pumps leverage our longstanding expertise in compressor technology to offer industrial customers a quiet, reliable and cost-effective option for their manufacturing needs. Our products are powerful, versatile and designed to deliver value in any application. Choose a Kaishan vacuum pump for quality you can trust, shift after shift. Keep reading to learn more or contact our office for technical specifications or to request a quote.

About Vacuum Pumps

The term “vacuum pump” refers to any piece of equipment designed to remove gases from a sealed chamber, leaving a vacuum. At Kaishan Compressor, we carry positive displacement vacuum pumps for the convenience and effectiveness of our customers.

Positive displacement pumps create a vacuum by repeatedly expanding the volume of a cavity, sealing off a portion of it and pumping gas inside. This cyclical process moves gas at a constant speed, making it a stable and reliable choice for many industrial applications. They’re highly reliable and efficient, produce low noise and have the capability to be used in industries that operate in harsh environments.

Different applications require different types of pumps, but positive displacement models are the most commonly used in manufacturing and industry. Precision metal processing, printing, woodwork, injection plastic and other applications and industries make heavy use of these vacuum pumps as well.

Rotary Screw Technology

Rotary screw vacuum pumps are a type of positive displacement pump. Like rotary screw compressors, vacuum pumps typically feature a pair of screws that rotate continuously, forcing gas into a chamber and increasing its pressure. Rotary screw vacuum pumps provide stable, continuous operation to meet the needs of a range of commercial users. Operating speeds can be varied, which allows users to tailor production according to a project or process requirements. This, in turn, keeps energy use down, saving money and making your organization more efficient overall.

Potential Applications

Businesses use vacuum pumps for a variety of processes when manufacturing electronics and semiconductors, aviation instruments and other high-precision equipment. Vacuum pumps are also essential for metal processing, plastic injection molding, glass and stone cutting, printing and packaging, bottling, and more. By choosing rotary screw technology, you can increase your productivity while reducing energy use and lowering your operating costs.

Rotary screw vacuum pumps are just one type of positive displacement system. Although they are highly versatile, for specific operations, other compressors may be more appropriate.

Why Choose Kaishan Compressor?

Kaishan Compressor’s vacuum pumps feature low maintenance, low noise and other benefits. Sophisticated microprocessor controls allow you to fine-tune machine operation to meet your requirements while providing automatic alerts when performance falls below a specified threshold. Our products incorporate several patented innovations to reduce energy consumption, making them some of the most efficient — and most economical to operate — on the market today.

As a leading vacuum pump manufacturer, we offer a complete range of vacuum pumps for manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical and other operations. All products feature best-in-class warranty support. For help choosing the right pump for your needs, get in touch today.

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