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Air Compressor Safety

Compressed air is one of the most powerful energy sources within any manufacturing facility. These systems deliver the power needed to operate many of the heavy-duty tools on which workers depend every day. That means it deserves the same amount of respect as other power sources such as high-voltage electricity, gasoline and hydrogen fuel cells.

The potential that compressed air contains can get the job done and then some, but it also might create some extremely dangerous situations. Mishandling compressors may lead to malfunctions, injuries and even death.

Improper training could cause technicians to use compressors recklessly. Lack of proper protective equipment puts people at risk of injury. Worn-out components can fail at the worst possible time. These are all reasons why air compressor safety should be high on every plant manager’s and engineer’s priority list.

Understanding Compressor Safety

Avoiding common compressed air safety hazards is a simple matter of promoting safe behavior. To help your plant prevent accidents and misuse, here is a brief air compressor safety checklist:
  • Focus on education. Many incidents occur simply because operators were unaware of the protocols. Make sure that training includes educating your team members about standard procedures and provide periodic reminders. Don’t allow untrained personnel to use this equipment.
  • Provide safety gear. Goggles, gloves and masks are just a few of the items your employees may need to wear to better ensure they are safe while working with compressed gases. Give workers all of the necessary gear and inspect it regularly for signs of wear.
  • Watch for warning signs. Regular inspection of equipment can identify problems before they have an opportunity to create hazardous situations. Check hoses, valves and pipes frequently for any fraying, corrosion or cracks. Replace components that appear worn or damaged as soon as possible. Always verify that the machinery is turned off and disconnected from power before servicing it.
  • Watch for cords and hoses. Electrical cords and hoses can be serious tripping hazards on the production floor. What’s worse, a hose could whip around and hurt nearby workers if it suddenly comes loose or is cut. This is why you should always keep cords and hoses secured and covered on the floor or hanging from low ceilings.
  • Pay attention to pressure. Pressurized hoses should never be disconnected, crimped or connected to anything else. Always take the time to shut off the compressor and release the pressure before changing or disconnecting them.

Being Safe Is No Accident

When safe working behavior is instilled in every level of a manufacturer, the potential for accidents can be reduced significantly. A crucial element of this is having pumps, vessels, expanders and other elements you can trust.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air compressor equipment, Kaishan is a go-to source for reliable and efficient air compression technology. To learn more about our complete lineup of solutions, get in touch today.

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